Please send rehearsal schedule to your class as well as 

Remember to update the office before your next class with a REHEARSAL REPORT.

If you are not present at each rehearsal, check in with the actors who met.

How did each rehearsal go? Who worked on what? Who came drunk? Who cried? etc. etc.

We want you guys to be present and productive!


Assignment: Thurs JAN 30th. Class is at  6:00pm - 9:15pm.

AWESOME work last night you guys! Jane you were missed but hope you had a fab rehearsal! 


For our final class next week (tears) we're going to focus on co-star auditions along with marketing. For those of you wanting to continue honing your on-camera skills and adding to your personalized audition tool kit, we'll discuss Ongoing class and how it works. For February you'll all be invited to Monday Ongoing class 6:30-9:30pm. Let us know next week if you'll be joining us as classes are filling up!


Since we are delving deeper into your self-taping skills this week, you will not have a rehearsal captain BUT I do want you helping each other with the self tapes. You can be the reader through FaceTime and help coach each other to find strong choices (maybe look for the funny). 


Please self tape this role and send to before class next Thursday!


EMS WORKER: Everyone!

One Sheets: 

One sheets are a way to solidify your type, essence and total marketing package all in one nifty, cool little "one-sheet." This was a suggestion to me by a manager friend of mine, as he feels this is a great way for him to pitch his new clients.


The one sheet reflects your essence (personality) through the colors and fonts you choose, your type by the headshot you use and both your TYPE and ESSENCE through the breakdown descriptions you create for yourselves. 

One sheets also make super fun postcards AND look fab on your websites! 

Here is a loom video example of how to make them:

Kate had fully admitted she's obsessed with CANVA so for those of you that aren't tech savvy, give her a shout. I'm not super tech savvy, but this tutorial will hopefully make it super easy! 

Paige invited you to join our exclusive FB group so hit me up!  It's a great way to find a rehearsal partner, coaching/reader for your auditions and insider audition tips from your's truly.

Have fun and see you next week! 





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*Mel likes to maintain a comfortable work environment for her actors and therefore does not allow auditors.
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