Please send rehearsal schedule to your class as well as

Rememeber to update the office before your next class with a REHEARSAL REPORT.

If you are not present at each rehearsal, check in with the actors who met.

How did each rehearsal go? Who worked on what? Who came drunk? Who cried? etc. etc.

We want you guys to be present and productive!



As a reminder, "thoughts" are simply what you are thinking when something is being said to you. Thoughts are your reaction. Your opinion.

So if Whitney was to say, "I'm not going to the wedding!" what would your next thought be? Perhaps, "You gotta be kidding me." or "Not again!" or "Excuse me?" And once you make one of those choices, you would lead it into your line.


Assignment: Wednesday March 25th, 2020

Class next week is  On line yahoo!!!

Awesome class last night everyone! I'm so impressed with how far everyone has come in a mere 3 weeks:) Kai we missed you and Amelia we hope you're feeling better! Arthur, we are here waiting on you. 

For next week we will work on self tape skills. Please do what you would do if you got a last minute self tape. Use one another to read with you and let's start to focus on your in home self tape set up! I sent you the ebook I put together for you on "Creating Your Killer Self Tape," so reference that if you need to. 

We're giving you under 5's to work on to see how you put all you've learned into practice. Remember the technicals:

1. thoughs

2. building your lists

3. antitheicals

4. moment before

5. staying in the energy of the scene at the end

IN core we focus on your essence and start to apply what you've learned in INT with comedy to drama in core. Same technical applies. Let's try this out for next week as we are assigning one drama and one comedy under 5. 

LOGLINES: this is your type meets your essence. Basically who do people tell you you remind them of "energy wise" meets who you look like. Famous actors are perfect as it makes it that much easier for you agent to see you. This is a business and acting, agents/mgrs need to know how to sell you so the industry knows how to BUY you. 

You'll write one for one another as follows:





Use your adjective list we worked on last night and add to it by asking friends to describe you  with as many adjectives as possible. Look for common adjectives to help you hone in on your type. This will be helpful when you write you own breakdown. Help each other do this. If you have a breakdown that fits you from a previous audition...AWESOME! but we still would like you to write your own:) It will help you get super specific with your type. I've attached an "example breakdown from HACKS" to help guide you.


waiter/waitress: everyone


EMS: Everyone

Let us know if you have any questions and if you can join us for our NETFLIX watch party tomorrow at 7:30pm do it!!! All info in you FB group. 


Have fun in your rehearsals this week and see you next WED online:)





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