Please send rehearsal schedule to your class as well as

Rememeber to update the office before your next class with a REHEARSAL REPORT.

If you are not present at each rehearsal, check in with the actors who met.

How did each rehearsal go? Who worked on what? Who came drunk? Who cried? etc. etc.

We want you guys to be present and productive!



As a reminder, "thoughts" are simply what you are thinking when something is being said to you. Thoughts are your reaction. Your opinion.

So if Whitney was to say, "I'm not going to the wedding!" what would your next thought be? Perhaps, "You gotta be kidding me." or "Not again!" or "Excuse me?" And once you make one of those choices, you would lead it into your line.


Assignment: Wednesday February 26th, 2020

Class at MMAS: 6:00 pm, 218 E. 74th, 1E, 10021

Hi all!


WOWZA!!! You all SHOWED UP PREPARED and rocked it! Yes! We are so proud of your commitment to rehearsals and the support you show each other. Great work!!! Yeah!!

We can hardly believe that in a few weeks we'll have our fourth and final class!!! Let's keep the energy going and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. You can do it!! Alex is rehearsal captain so please coordinate your schedule with her. 

So, here we go with homework, yippee! 


1. For the next class self tape two takes of the WAITRESS role for CRASHING. Please email your self tape (in one file) to by the Tuesday, Feb 25th. 


2. We will also work on another "Under 5." Prepare to work on BYSTANDER in class. Come ready to read 3 different ways with specific thoughts and choices. Dress the part, as you would for the audition. 

3. We'll continue working on your marketing next week. If you didn't bring a headshot please bring to next class. Don't forget to bring a notebook back to class. 

4. TWEAKED is attached below. If you haven't already, read the script to get good sense of the story. The scene we'll do starts on Page 5 with Rodney "Take your time card buddy." and ends on 7 with Vanessa "A great mom." Do cover the page individually and then rehearse this as a scene together. We'll do this as a scene in class. 

5. LOGLINES ​ - A short, concise way to describe you as an actor. They're a combination of who you look like and whose essence you share. For example, Monica's is "Ashley Judd meets Connie Britton with a sprinkle of Debra Messing."  Each of you will work up a longline of your assigned person (list below) to bring with you to the next class. On the list below, the person on the left creates a longline for person on right.

Vincent - Lane 

Lane - Bravo

Bravo - Alex

Alex - Vincent

Email us ( if you get stuck or have questions.

6. Continue to watch multi-cam sitcoms. Remember, these are shows that usually have a laugh track and are about 30 minutes long with commercials. These are found on network TV like, CBS, FOX, FREEFORM, NBC, ABC. Look for: lists of 3's (do they build up or down?), reversals, and first or always thoughts. Watch with the sound off on one and see if you can spot these elements just though the actor's physicality. Matthew Perry on FRIENDS is an excellent example. Examples of multi-cam sitcoms: SEINFELD, FRIENDS, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, EVERYONE HATES CHRIS, KING OF QUEENS, MARTIN, get the idea!)


Guys & Gal: WAITRESS - self tape





Guys: Rodney

Gal: Vanessa

We can't wait to have MORE FUN on the 26th with all of you!!

:) Mel and Monica

PS. If you're running late please email the office to let us know! 



(212) 414-4777

New York, NY

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