Please send rehearsal schedule to your class as well as MelMackMarketing@gmail.com.

Rememeber to update the office before your next class with a REHEARSAL REPORT.

If you are not present at each rehearsal, check in with the actors who met.

How did each rehearsal go? Who worked on what? Who came drunk? Who cried? etc. etc.

We want you guys to be present and productive!

Class Assignment: Tues, Nov 19th Class is at MMAS. New fall class time: 6:30pm 



Class cut off date is NOV 20th! Meaning you gotta let us know in writing if you are opting out for DECEBMER. If you're like hells yes I"m in for December!  No need to let us know as you'll be auto charged UNLESS you wanna save $10 and pay with cash.

Nov 18th CD Workshop: Oh yeah, we haven't had one of these in a while so I thought, you would be an AMAZING first Fall Guest? Allison K! If you feel like you can rock your funny, THIS is the office you want to be seen by AND get to know. They work with Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer and many other very talented, funny people. Since MMAS is KNOWN for funny, ya'll will have a great time working on material she chooses for you. Don't wait, as she SOLD OUT last time! 

WHO: Allison Kirschner ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!

WHEN: MON Nov 18th

TIME: 7-8:30 


sign up on website before you miss out on an office that truly supports actors!




You can bring people just make sure you RSVP by the 14th of nov. we sent you an adorable invite created by Paige. 

Time: 6:30-8:30

Location: Kingston Hall





So last night was like a rehearsal...let's not repeat that for next week. To ensure that you kick butt, George will be your rehearsal captain cuz he did a stellar job last week!  


I want 3 IN PERSON rehearsals as we did a rehearsal chart for ya'll. ASA and AJ please be sure you get it on these IN PERSON GROUP rehearsals. 


Find your theme song! Yup, I want you to bring in a song that you would blast from a boom box and  blare it as you walk the streets of  NYC. A song that inspires you, uplifts you and brings you joy! 

In addition you'll be bringing in a MONOLOGUE from TV/FILM. One that has a big emotional arc, that  has some action and that represents your type.


YOU MUST EMAIL GEORGE YOUR  MONOLOGUES BY FRIDAY 15TH SO YOU CAN ALL DO COVER THE PAGE EXERCISE FOR EACH MONOLOGUE. That way you have a basket of thoughts for one another at your rehearsals. That way you get the most out of your rehearsal time. 


:) Mel 



(212) 414-4777

New York, NY

Mel Mack Studio Terms & Conditions
*Mel likes to maintain a comfortable work environment for her actors and therefore does not allow auditors.
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