Take 3 Talent Legit & Commercial Workshop

Take 3 Talent is a fully franchised boutique agency representing adults, kids, and teens in all areas.

A former performer himself, Eddie is specifically looking to expand Take 3's theatrical and legit roster. Prior to joining the Take 3 Talent team in 2012, Eddie was an assistant in one of NY's top talent management companies. Recently his clients have been seen on episodics such as Person of Interest, The Blacklist, Mysteries of Laura, Blue Bloods, The Family, The Knick, Public Morals, and Mr. Robot and films such Bridge of Spies.

Shoshana is a Commercial Agent at Take 3 Talent, a fully franchised boutique agency in NYC representing adults, kids and teens in all areas. Her most recent client bookings include: Ally Bank, The Knot, Booking.com, and Trojan, to name just a few.

Originally from Australia, Shoshana worked for several casting offices in New York and served as the Company Manager for a Broadway tour before transitioning into an agency. She is specifically looking for enthusiastic, dynamic performers with keen improv skills to join the Take 3 Talent roster!


Actors will prepare a short 2-3 page scene that highlights their strengths. 

Q&A with Eddie and Shoshanna; thoughtful questions only


Day: Tuesday, April 16th 
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Workshop Duration: 2 hrs


Class Size: limited to 10 mmas actors




(212) 414-4777

New York, NY

Mel Mack Studio Terms & Conditions
*Mel likes to maintain a comfortable work environment for her actors and therefore does not allow auditors.
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