Assignment: Saturday, May 2, 2020

Class at 11am-1pm on ZOOM 

WOW JUST WOW! It's now the last class of the semester. Spring semester just flew by! We want you all to know that we really really really really really really have seen you all grow as actors and that we are extremely excited to see the bookings that are to follow. We are in tears as we message this last assignment. :(

For tomorrow's "assignment" we are going to play a trivia game on everything you have learned in these past 12 weeks. Teams below:

Team O dawg: K-money, Row, Dash, Ruby

Team Marggggg: Natalie, Milan, Martin, Christian

See ya online tomorrow for the very last time this spring

Margaret +O




(212) 414-4777

New York, NY

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*Mel likes to maintain a comfortable work environment for her actors and therefore does not allow auditors.
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