Assignment: Saturday, Feb. 29

Class at 11am at 274 E 74th st New York, NY

Hi everyone! Great work this weekend! You did an amazing job with the “thoughts” exercise. We loved seeing you bring YOU to the scene with your personalization. For next class, we are assigning some lengthy scripts for everyone. Please DO NOT share these scripts as they are pilots that are currently being cast. We want to see you ROCK OUT with these roles and want you to audition them at the start of next class! We will then coach everyone individually and give you some tactics for dealing with material that is really long. Pilot season is your chance to book a huge, recurring role. It is expected that you memorize sides like these in a few days… luckily all of you have a few weeks (we don’t have class Feb 15 and Feb 22) So, we expect you to be OFF BOOK, FULL MEMORIZED. Can’t wait! See you on Feb 29th!! Ruby and Natalie - we missed you! Hope things are great with you two.


Keilah, Ruby, Milan, Natalie: Zaria/Z — ALL scenes 

Martin, Rowan, Dash:  Nick Dorfman— ALL scenes 



Notes from class:


Martin: Great job taking direction in class. We love seeing you connect your inner thoughts with the text in the script. However, these thoughts are MUCH stronger when they come from your personal experience. When we asked you questions about your family and you talked about your little sister, there was so much love and care! We want to see that in your scene work! Always make the other person in the scene somebody you know in real life. We are impressed with your ability to memorize quickly, but would love to see you do some more preparation at home. If you are still not 100% off book, it is totally fine (and expected) that you hold your script in your hand— just in case you need to glance down. GREAT job auditing Scene #3. You took direction SO well and asked great questions. Keep up the good work!


Rowan:  amazing work in class! We are always so excited to see you take direction quickly and with an amazing attitude. You are naturally great at staying connected with your scene partner and really listening to what they are saying to you. However, because you come from a theater background, sometimes your thoughts and first impulses are a little larger than life. We LOVE that you have such a range and so much energy, but we want to use personal thoughts to help ground the scene. We will continue to work on cheating out to camera because we want to make sure we are seeing your beautiful face! Amazing job with auditioning the last scene! Your first take was adorable and so perfectly Rowan. However, we also loved having you find the stillness in the scene (not making large face movements or raising your eye brows). Lets continue to explore that!


Dash: WOW, we loved your audition at the end of class. You were really listening and reacting to your scene partner. Remember “acting is RE-acting.” Your thoughts and what you say is ALWAYS based off of what someone has said or done right before. The thoughts exercise is a great exercise for you, Dash. Sometimes you break up your sentences and the dialogue comes across “same-y”. Once we got you to use personalize thoughts the scene really came to life! Making the other person in the scene someone you know from your personal life— like your older brother— will always add so much color and personality to your work. Way to stay in it at the end of class when we were directing you. That’s what casting directors are looking for!


Keilah:  GREAT listening and having thoughts off of what your scene partner is saying. We could really see you actively engaged in the scene and it gave the interaction so much life and color. You KILLED it with the thoughts exercise because you were truly re-acting to what you were hearing in the moment- amazing. However, when we had you go back to the original script, it became less specific. It felt like you were focusing on the memorization rather than staying in the moment. You are doing SUCH good work… we don’t want to lose that specificity! Your audition at the end of class was really solid. Your second take was beautiful once we saw your "moment before” (where are you, what are you doing?) and "moment after” (button the scene, how did the interaction make you feel?) Keep up the good work!


Milan: Girl… fantastic work taking direction in class. The thought exercise was like a night and day shift for your work. You have such a gift to be able to get really emotional in scenes. However, this sometimes can make your work feel generalized. Once we got you using thoughts we saw all KINDS of sides to the character— sass, annoyance, humor, hurt. These are the things that make you stand out in the audition room. Your audition at the end of class was really strong. However, it was STELLAR (in your second take) once we saw you have a real OPINION about who you were talking about in the scene. How does your aunt make you feel? How do you feel about your parents? No choice is a wrong choice. We just want to see A choice or again… it becomes general. We are so excited about your growth in class! Way to go!

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