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Here's why your ESSENCE is your number one friend in auditions!

What is your essence? Do you know what you're bringing into the room?

We’ve had a few TV/Film Casting Directors as guests at the studio lately who’ve said the number one reason they bring you in for a role, besides your talent and your look, is your essence.

When casting reads a script or breakdown for a character, they are getting what the story is about, how each character fits into the story and a general idea of who’d they’d like to bring in to audition for the role. Normally, they bring in 15-20 actors per role, with 7 or so going to producers. The essence of who you are is what cds base their choices on.

Let’s say they are casting a female role for a woman who’s mysterious, a bit jaded and overworked. When you get called in for the audition most likely you’ll be in a waiting room full of women who look just like you. However, what makes you different is your unique essence.

The definition of essence…the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character.

Essence is who you at your core. Remember, casting is deciding if you’re right for the role the minute you walk into the room. You could be the best actor in the room, yet don’t book the job because someone who possesses the exact essence of the character walks in and, well, books the role. You have no control over this. All you can do is know what you’re essence is and bring your unique take on the role into that room. And some point you will be the right essence for the right role and the right time and BOOK THE JOB! Badddda bing, badddda bam!

It’s not about the right choice!! It’s about the interesting choices you make based on your personal experiences. That’s what makes you, well, YOU. How can you get it wrong when you’re working from that perspective?!

Now go get ‘em!!!

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