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4 Tips for Hitting Your Mark

Hitting Your Mark can be a pretty challenging thing when acting for TV and Film as you have to walk without looking for the “marks” on the floor while emotionally being in the scene. Number One: What is a Mark A mark is where the director would like you to land for the right lighting, sound set up and focus of the shot. Usually your landing spot or mark, is indicated with gaffers tape in a “T” or an “X” shape. Number Two: Blocking You will usually get to do a run through of how the scene will go. For example, let’s say you’re book a co-star on Criminal Minds and the scene takes place in a diner; you’re the waitress/waiter. Before you shoot, the director and dp (director of photography) will block the scene for lighting, camera, sound and the actors. Someone from production will place a “T” or an “X” marking the spot you’re to land on. Number Three: Visual Markers or Mentally Counting Your Steps To Where You Need To Be Once You Start Talking. I find the most helpful thing is for actors to mentally count out how many steps it takes for you to hit your mark during the run through. Visual cues for the above waitress scene could be: the edge of the diner table, noticing where the center of the table is by where the napkin holder on the table may be or simply feeling the light on your face are good indicators for where your mark lies.

Number Four: Motivation. You gotta know why you’re in the story and for what reason, where you just came from and where you’re headed. If you’re the waitress/waiter and you’re there to flirt know why you’re flirting. Are you trying to get a date? Trying to stall them? Trying to get a bigger tip? Is the diner super busy or dead? All of this will infuse your reason for coming into the scene and hitting your mark the way you were hired to hit it or the way you’re directed to hit it




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