• Mel Mack

5 Things Casting Directors Love...

....To See in the Audition Room!

1. The Sides Are Physically In Your Hand. Yep, we love to see your sides in hand because it makes us less nervous that you’re going to forget your lines, stumble through your scene and lose all your interesting choices just because you’re trying to show us that you “memorized it!”

2. You’ve Done Your Homework To me this means you’ve read the script if it’s available, are completely off book (sides in hand) with great choices specific to who you are in the story. So many times actors shoot themselves in the foot by coming in only half prepared. They either haven’t read the script and don’t fully understand what’s happening in the scene or they haven’t spent enough time with the material to really flesh out the story. Remember, you don’t get points for just showing up on time and having your sides in hand. You actually need to put in the work to make that scene come alive on camera. 3. You Can Take Direction Often times you do your homework and forget that part of your job as an actor is to be able to take direction! Sometimes you get so married to your choices that you become challenging to direct. Direction does not equal correction, you guys. It just means we’ve spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the director working hard to get a visual of what works for the scene. So when we give you direction, it’s usually based on our long hours of conversation with the creatives behind the work. I simply love it when an actor comes in with strong choices, and then is able to switch on a dime when I give simple direction. When you come in with a strong choice, it allows us to have something to “direct,” hence the term, casting director. Trust me, we want you to book the role and will do everything we can to help you get there, especially making sure you can take the direction. 4. You're Easy To Work With There’s nothing better than having an actor who’s easy to work with. And listen, you don’t have to be our best friend for us to hire you. If you’re a good actor, have solid years of training under your belt and know how to take direction without being a diva, we’ll want to hire you over and over again. A little charisma goes a long way, folks. Directors not only want to work with talented actors, but they also need to know they can spend multiple hours with you on set without losing their wits.

5. You’re Working On Your Craft We like to know that you’re consistently working on your craft. There’s a huge difference between an actor who’s training like a champ in an ongoing TV/Film class vs. the actor who only acts when he/she has an audition.




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