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4 Audition Tips You Must Always Remember!

We recently had a TV Casting Director visit Mel Mack Acting Studio and here’s what he had to say about auditioning… 1. Know The Style Of The Show You’re Going In For.This is so important because if you prep your audition like you’re going in for a drama, and then once you get there you find out it’s actually a comedy, it throws off the pace, the stakes and the overall tone of the show, and your audition. Plus, it shows the casting director that you didn’t do your homework. So now, you’re wasting their time and yours.

2. What Type Of Role Are You Auditioning For? If it’s a co-star role, your job is to give information and move the story along. NOT make a meal out of it. Get in the room, do your job and get out. If it’s a guest-star role, the show usually revolves around some sort of storyline for your character, involving the series regulars, so there’s much more room for you to play.

3. Know Who You’re Playing Opposite In Your Scenes. Are you the guest-star romantic interest of the star of the show? If so, you need to bring that caliber of audition into the room. Meaning, strong choices, off book and solid in your ability to be directed.

4. Pace. I feel this is one of the most important aspects of the audition! Why? Let’s say you’re going in for a sitcom. There is a specific pace to comedy so that you support the jokes. If you’re going in for a procedural like NCIS, there is a specific pace to that type of show that supports the drama of it all. Also, there is different pace for TV versus say, an Indie. In film, you have time to discover your thoughts, work through the beats and live in the moments longer than you do in television.




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