• Janine Cerny

How to Keep In Touch With Your Agent

Nowadays, actors I speak with, whether new or seasoned, are torn about how often they should be in touch with their agents... or HOW they should be in touch with their agents. Do you call, email, send postcards??

While it was once customary for an actor to call his/her agent daily, I know for a fact that there are agents who don't want to be called because they feel if they have something for you, they'll call you. I'm sure many of you have heard this before. While this is certainly true, I still think it is important to keep in touch, while not over doing it...this way you are reminding him/her (in a gentle, professional way) that you are ready and prepared to get out there.

While phone calls are not necessary and could be bothersome if done too often, a simple email is perfectly acceptable every couple weeks letting him/her know that you're around and available.

Postcards every few months are helpful to agents as well. If you had a recent booking or are working a project, inform your agent. Agents appreciate hearing about updates from actors. It's how we learn more about you.

If you're freelancing with one or two agents and you do not hear from either one very often, it's time to figure out why...do you need updated headshots? Do you need to take additional classes? How marketable is your look? Is it time for a change in hair/make-up/weight loss/ weight gain? Your agent is there to help you and guide you in your career so it's important to have open dialogue about what is/isn't working.

Keeping positive in the business is truly one of the keys to succeed in it. It truly can be a challenge to keep that positive attitude if or when auditions are far and few between. I'm very aware of this and have pep talked and helped many actors through 'slow' times. If you are having a 'slow time', try not to surround yourself with actors who complain! While it's helpful to discuss and vent with someone in your shoes, you don't want to hear too many people bash the biz. Instead, surround yourself with those who want to better their craft, who are creating their own work, and who are continuing to learn from good instructors as well as other actors.

It's a tough business, no doubt, but if it's truly your passion, you'll do what you need to in order to succeed. It's a process and a journey...enjoy it!


Janine M. Cerny is currently scouting for several agencies, including Ramona's Model and Talent, where she spent the last five years as an on-camera commercials agent and commercial print agent. She has over 25 years of experience in the television commercials/commercial print industry. Initially, she's worked as a casting director for a major advertising agency. She then she became an agent at a leading talent agency, where she worked for many years. She has scouted talent both locally and nationally throughout her career. In addition to scouting events, Janine has been a guest speaker at workshops and classes around NYC. It is her passion to inform and teach actors about the commercial side of the industry. www.theagenthour.com




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