• Shawn McLaughlin

5 Things to Focus On in Agent Meetings

“Help! I’m going in for an agent meeting. Anything I should know?”

Shawn McLaughlin, one of our amazing teachers here at Mel Mack Acting Studio, offers some advice to students who are going in for their first agent meeting. Here are some things to focus on:

1. Stay positive. When I tell my agent about my auditions I always mention how much fun I have and that I use them as a learning experience, whether it's something new I discover about myself as an actor or the people I meet in the room. Everything has a silver lining.

2. Be a real person. When an agent asks what you're up to, talk about your life outside of acting. Mention all the fun you're having planning your next vacation, a recent family get together, or a really great meal you had the other day. They want to know who you are as a person.

3. Talk about your type with confidence and eagerness. For example, I know I'm going to go out for young dad, businessman, tech guy, teacher. I then take examples of my personality to back that up: I'm great with kids and have worked with them my whole adult life - dad; I love working as a team and coming up with solutions to problems - businessman; I'm obsessed with electronics and love learning about new products - tech guy; and I'm a good public speaker and enjoy explaining things - teacher. Take a look at your type and find things about yourself that just make sense. You can also use this as a chance to learn more about the industry by asking the agents what kinds of roles they see you playing and what the casting submission process is like for them.

4. When dealing with cold reads, do what makes you feel most comfortable.Everyone has a different way of learning lines. If it’s tough for you to memorize, you may want to go a few minutes early and ask to see the copy or sides, maybe explain it’s what you do for auditions so you have more time to feel comfortable. Let the agent know it's just part of your process.

5. Have fun! Go into this with the mindset that they want to work with you and then they'll want to work with you. You got this. No worries.




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