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Should I Be Taking Acting Workshops?

Workshops: To Spend The Money or Not To Spend The Money?

I’m a big, big, BIG believer in workshops- especially when you’re specific about what casting directors are casting shows that you’re absolutely right for. Everyone goes for the agent and manager, spending lots and LOTS of money on mailings yet I feel this money is better spent getting in front of people who can actually HIRE you. Build the relationships and the agents will come

Short Term Benefits: You may be right for something that Casting Director is working on at that moment. Remember, they want you to book the role. They want to find the right fit. Why? Because it’s one less role they have to cast!

Long Term Benefits: Building a relationship over the years allows the CD to not only get to know you as an actor but a human being as well. There were three CDs I became friends with over the years in LA who would actually call me directly to come in for an audition. I booked a few roles this way because they trusted my work and knew they could count on me to come in and do my job.

Taking workshops the SMART way is really beneficial to both you and the casting director who is seeing you because it’s basically like getting a pre-read which is wonderful! This means they are now getting to see how you work, if you’re right for their show and if you’re ready to book a job and actually work on set. This saves both of you a lot of time and money.

Nothing is better than knowing you spent your money on a workshop where the CD is casting a show you’re right for. Let’s use BLUE BLOODS as an example. Say you’re very “cop like.” First research what “cop like” shows actually shoot in NYC, who’s casting it, who’s directing it, who’s written it, who’s producing it. Then, look through to see what the cast looks like. A lot of times if you look exactly like a series regular you may be brought in for a family member of that character or you may look too much like that actor so chances may not be as high of you getting called in for that particular show. There is a good chance, however, that the CD casts more than one show. In that case, I say sign up for the casting workshop! There really is nothing that makes a casting director happier than an actor who knows if they’re a fit for their show.




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