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Should I Be In An Acting Class If I’m Already Auditioning?

This is like asking, “Should I go to NBA basketball practice if I’m already playing in the big games?” Answer: YES!

Why? Because auditioning is like the Olympics. You have one shot to be in front of that casting director, that day, and you wanna leave feeling like you won the Gold Medal. Plus, the more you’re honing your on-camera technique, the less nervous you are in the audition room. It becomes a fun experience because you’re “working” consistently in class. I’ve had more actors get callbacks and bookings because they were getting coached or were in a consistent class. So many series regulars or movie stars STILL coach every time they need help with sides or a script.

The benefits of taking class are as follows:

1. You get more and more comfortable being on camera in front of a group of actors- preparing you in the real world of auditioning.

2. Reading sides and making bold choices becomes second nature because you’re working so much in class.

3. Falling flat on your face in class is much better than doing it at a callback or chemistry read.

4. Creating a safe environment where you feel at ease to push yourself into areas you may not have ventured to before.

5. Networking. Networking. Networking. I’m a big fan of groups rising together. If you look at a lot of stars today, they met while they were in a class!

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