Parisa Fitz-Henley

"While sharing her knowledge and skills with you, Mel manages to walk humbly and confidently with you in your work. Learning from Mel feels like learning from a friend — a friend who just happens to be able to observe you clearly, guide you ably and help you get more work as an actor. Since attending Mel’s classes I have used techniques and ideas she’s shared with me in every audition and performance I’ve had, on-stage and on-camera. I recommend Mel for anyone looking for an ego-free zone to stretch their skills and have fun doing it."


George Sandalakis

“Booked and shot my first movie roll!! Shoutout to the Mel Mack Acting Studio for giving me the tools necessary to go out there and do the work! Can’t say enough about Mel. Her dedication to helping me and all her students, has provided us with the tools and confidence to go out and make strong choices and “Book the Room” thank you Mel! ”

Jonah Platt

"Mel, you were so open and honest with me during my coaching — we had just met and within a few minutes, you were calling me out on my shit, helping me dig deeper and helping me find confidence in my performance. It was a pleasure to work with you!"

James McBride

I had to learn about the frame, the space and the moment before. A play starts at the beginning and builds until the final curtain. The people watching can be 200 feet away and for simplicities sake, has one moment before. Each scene builds on what happened in a previous scene. On-Camera is remarkably different. Each scene is a world of its own.  You usually cannot build on what happened before. Scenes are shot out of sequence; the end is often shot first. Mel’s class helped me discover the story that each scene has. But most importantly, she taught that an audition is not a performance. And I think that is the single most important lesson I learned.

John Anthony Gorman

"Mel is without question, one of the best acting coaches out there!!! She truly knows how to bring out the best in actors, by finding ways which bring out their own spark and personality in every role. Not only is she a coach but she's also a mentor and will tell you things that you don't want to hear. Since working with Mel, I have booked projects with Kevin Spacey and made my OFF Broadway debut!! I would not be where I am today without her."

Tom Morehouse

"Book or not, what matters is walking out of an audition knowing you gave it your best which is about all you having control over. To me that means being prompt, personable and above all professional in my performance and appearance. I try to be someone casting directors would want to work with so they can/will convey that to their client. Mel's knowledge, experience and insight into the business from both the actor and casting directors' perspectives has helped me understand how better to get where I want to be. I'm not there yet by a long shot but I'm on my way and feeling good about the direction I'm going. Thanks Mel"

Jimmie Saito

"I have worked with Mel Mack over the years and can easily say she is such a great coach to work with. She has helped me prepare for numerous network auditions and really provides an easy going approach to help me get my best read out. I always come out feeling super confident after coaching with Mel. Plus the casting directors seem to dig it. Not too shabby am I right?"

Bethany James

"Above all, Mel actually cares about you as an individual in her class. She will give you %150 of herself when she works with you both in front of and behind the camera. Best of all though, she mixes it up every week- one-liners, under-5′s, co-star, star, commercials, etc. You don’t have to spend money on a zillion different classes at different places hoping the teacher is present and cares- Mel Mack does, and she does it all. Plus, she will bring people into class and facilitate introductions because she works in the casting industry as well. It’s one-stop-shopping! There isn’t a better way to spend you time and money. Mel Mack is where it’s at."

Sarah Haruko

I love working with Mel! Her technique for helping you find the the right thoughts for your work and getting you out of your head is right on. She pushes you where you need it and demands the one thing many actors don't prioritize—rehearsal. The on-camera training and practice is invaluable. Mel's students also tend to be self-motivated and extremely supportive of each other. I've made so many friends I can reach out to to help me with projects and preparing material. MMAS is my studio family!

Gabriella Piazza

"I really have to say, that your coaching and class really helped me do this film. Without my thoughts, and your voice in my head to just be grounded and real, it would have been a disaster - so first and foremost, Thank you."

Pedro Morillo

"The Mel Mack Acting Studio teaches you how to work with materials written by professionals, how to “break-down” scripts, and 5 full weeks of auditioning and training in front of the camera. MMAS is all about freeing yourself to play in front of the camera, and learning how not to be in your head. Mel teaches you how to walk in with confidence, slate your name like a pro and owning the room. Highly recommended for anyone who is pursuing a professional film and TV career. Long live your actions with thoughts!


Mark Lanham

"Melonie is the hardest working acting teacher in New York. She's genuinely passionate about helping her students succeed. The technique she teaches has gotten me more callbacks and work in both legit and commercial worlds."

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*Mel likes to maintain a comfortable work environment for her actors and therefore does not allow auditors.
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